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REVIEW: Saturday Night Fever (UK Tour, Edinburgh)

Updated: May 2

Edinburgh Playhouse

3 November 2022


Saturday Night Fever musical, UK tour at Edinburgh Playhouse November 2022

I didn't plan on seeing this UK Tour production of Saturday Night Fever at Edinburgh Playhouse Theatre. I hadn't heard much about it and I almost let it pass me by...

That would've been such a shame as it's excellent!

The quality was evident right from the opening number.

The stage is cleverly laid out with platforms surrounding a full checkerboard dance floor. The flashing coloured squares of the floor are used to great effect pulsing in time with the music and adding to the visual spectacle.

A huge mirror is placed and tilted behind the dance floor during all key dance scenes so that the audience get a full 360 view of the action.

The choreography and dancing are superb. Yes this is disco, but the classical dance training of the leads is evident.

Saturday Night Fever musical 2022

Jack Wilcox is an excellent Tony Manero. Jack doesn't walk anywhere on that stage - he struts! And it's perfect. Jack has definitely got the Travolta moves and he's a charismatic and convincing leading man.

The soundtrack is brilliant - this show is bursting with hits. Staying Alive, Jive Talkin, How deep is your love, Tragedy, You should be dancin' and even Disco Inferno! The 3 Bee Gees are on stage singing all the tracks live - and this was a genius idea. They stand on a raised platform above the main action and what voices they all have! Great performances.

Saturday Night Fever musical 2022 cast

This show does not shy away from tough themes, and there is some problematic language and attitudes towards women in the script. But this is Brooklyn in the 1970's - I trust it's an accurate representation of the times. Although tough to hear, I don't know how you get past that. It's part of the story.

The main focus is undoubtedly on the fun, on the music and the dancing - it's what the audience wanted and the ensemble cast delivered.

Jack Wilcox and Rebekah Bryant in Saturday Night Fever the musical 2022

This is a criminally underrated musical, an excellent production with a stellar cast.

Catch it if you can! You'll have a (disco) ball.

Saturday Night Fever is currently touring the UK.


The Alhambra Theatre Bradford until 12 Nov

Princess Theatre, Torquay 15 - 19 Nov

The Alexandra Theatre, Birmingham 22 - 26 Nov.

[Review first posted on Instagram 10 November 2022]

Saturday Night Fever the musical review, UK Tour 2022, Edinburgh Playhouse Theatre. Jack WIlcox, Rebekah Bryant.

Jack Wilcox and cast in Saturday Night Fever the musical 2022

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