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REVIEW: Johannes Radebe: Freedom Unleashed (UK Tour, Edinburgh)

Updated: Jan 22

Festival Theatre, Edinburgh

7 May 2023


Johannes Radebe 2023 UK tour Freedom Unleashed, Dance, Ballroom, Edinburgh

No stars on this review. Actual human sunshine Johannes Radebe deserves 5 suns! 🌞

Wow, Johannes has put together a wonderful show for his new UK tour 'Freedom Unleashed'. With brilliant dancers and singers, a lovely mix of traditional and popular music, dazzling costumes and infectious energy, 'Freedom Unleashed' is a joy from beginning to end.

To begin Johannes takes us back to his school days in South Africa and to end he fulfils all his camp fantasies from playing a pink lady in Grease to starring in Mama Mia and more! You have to admire his evolution from being bullied and assaulted at school to becoming one of Strictly's most popular dancers on his 2nd solo UK tour. "They can't hurt me now" he says.

Johannes Radebe Freedom Unleashed UK Tour 2023 Edinburgh

Joining Johannes on his journey are singers Ramelo and Duane. I was not familiar with Ramelo, but I understand she is something of a superstar in her home, South Africa. I can see why - she is incredible! I am very ignorant and I don't know the name for the signing with the clicking in the back of the throat, but it's some kind of super human ability! Gorgeous to hear live.

Joining them are 10 of the best dancers I've ever seen live. From Ballroom to modern and everything in-between, the ensemble dancers compliment and partner with Johannes on every number. I could watch them night after night.

Johannes Radebe Freedom Unleashed UK Tour 2023 Edinburgh

The crowd goes wild any time Johannes steps on stage and the whole theatre was buzzing. The atmosphere was overwhelmingly one of love and Johannes did become emotional in parts. He's a precious diamond of a human and I'm in awe of his resilience and talent.

This is the most uplifting, feel-good, f**k-you to the bullies show there has ever been and I'm here for it. What a ride. Joyous!


📺 Watch my video from my trip to Johannes' show at Edinburgh Festival Theatre here!


🌟 A review of Johannes Radebe: Freedom Unleashed Dance UK tour, at Edinburgh Festival Theatre, May 2023 🌟

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