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REVIEW: Disney's Newsies (London) [Dance, Musical Theatre]

Updated: Dec 19, 2023

Troubadour Wembley Park Theatre

9 March 2023


Disney's Newsies (London, West End)

It's true, you have to travel a little away from London’s West End to find Disney's dance and musical theatre spectacular, Newsies in it's home at Wembley Park, Troubadour theatre. I'm not from London and I managed it without issue, so please don't let the location put you off! The underground station is just across the road.

The theatre is housed in a vast, warehouse-like space that was previously used as a TV studio housing shows like The X-Factor and Pop Idol. The set designers have made full use of this unique interior when designing the show. The galleries, the rigging, the high ceiling height - all of it is incorporated into the Newsies set making for the most innovative and vast stage I've ever seen.

The cast of Disney's Newsies London. Credit Johan Persson.

Telling the story of the 1899 New York newsboys strike - something I knew absolutely nothing about - Newsies hosts a large cast of mostly young, male dancers who fill the stage and the whole arena with their exquisite dancing.

These guys must be so fit! They literally run around the massive auditorium, appearing above and below the audience, on gantries, on ropes - just everywhere. And despite the mammoth physical demands of the performance, they then leap and spin, flip and tap with beautiful extensions and poise as if they hadn't just run from the back of the room. It's incredible. And they do it 8 times a week. There were audible gasps of delight from the audience throughout the show. The Newsies are phenomenal.

Disney's Newsies London. Credit Johan Persson.

For me the dancing, choreography (by the marvellous Matt Cole) and staging stole the show, but there is also an exciting story here and great songs.

The Newsies are supported by a world class cast of actors including Moya Angela (Medda) and Cameron Blakely (Pulitzer). There will be something for everyone.

Moya Angela as Medda in Disney's Newsies, London. Photo credit: Johan Persson.

This show must be seen to be believed. I loved it and I'll definitely be back again soon. Not that I need an excuse, but I saw George Crawford as Jack Kelly and he was great! But I definitely want to catch Royal Conservatoire of Scotland alumnus Michael Ahomka-Lindsay in the lead role before he leaves / or the show closes!

Michael Ahomka-Lindsay as Jack Kelly in Disney's Newsies, London. Photo credit: Johan Persson.

🌟 REVIEW: Disney's Newsies, London. Dance, Musical Theatre, Wembley Troubadour Park, March 2023.🌟

[Review first posted on Instagram 25 March 2023; Reel posted 24 March 2023 ]

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Disney's Newsies London. Credit Johan Persson.

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