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REVIEW: Bonnie and Clyde (London, West End)

Updated: Jan 26

The Garrick Theatre, London

7 March 2023


Bonnie and Clyde (Musical Theatre, London, West End.) Jordan Luke Gage and Frances Mayli McCann.

Bonnie and Clyde unsurprisingly tells the story of Bonnie and Clyde, two small town kids from middle America who yearned for stardom (Bonnie) and notoriety (Clyde) in the early 1900's.

I didn't know this musical before seeing it. I hadn't heard the soundtrack and knew only the bare details of their story. As a complete newbie, I really enjoyed it!

The production opens with Bonnie and Clyde dead in their car and then skips back to show us exactly how that came to be.

But even before that, the pre-set with a smoking bullet hole centre stage, with period jazz music being piped into the auditorium as we enter, really sets the scene and mood. The smashed windscreen is a projection, and the projections by Nina Dunn are widely and wisely used throughout the show. They are great and they work brilliantly to transform the stage without the need for heavy sets.

Bonnie and Clyde (Musical Theatre, London, West End) Jordan Luke Gage and Frances Mayli McCann. Photo credit: production

The music throughout the whole piece is wonderful. With a mix of rock, blues, jazz and gospel, the soundtrack is a definite highlight. 'Raise a Little Hell' is nothing short of epic and Jordan Luke Gage's delivery of it is scorching. But there are loads of catchy songs: 'This World Will Remember Us', 'Too Late to turn back now' and Bonnie's beautiful 'How 'Bout a Dance' are just a few that are stuck in my head.

The cast here too are magnificent. Jordan Luke Gage and Frances Mayli McCann are perfect in the lead roles. Young and spunky, but hardened through circumstance, they easily convinced me why Bonnie and Clyde were drawn to each other.

Jodie Steele is a knock-out as Blanche Barrow. I've seen Jodie shine previously in Rock of ages and Heathers, but she takes it to another level here. She's funny, scathing and can sing like a dream. In every scene Blanche was in, I couldn't tear my eyes away from her. An astonishing performance by Jodie.

So too Dom Hartley-Harris as the preacher. 'God's arms are always open' is a fantastic ensemble number and Dom's voice is truly divine. I was ready to join his flock.

Bonnie and Clyde (Musical Theatre, London, West End) Dom Hartley-Harris. Photo credit: production

As someone new to the show, I found the storytelling easy to follow, the action flowed on stage and the entire cast were captivating. I was surprised there wasn't more focus on the crimes and murders; but a choice has been made, and nothing too dark is played out on stage. That's fine by me. It's meant to be entertainment after all.

I think the show is done well and I really hope it succeeds. I'll have the soundtrack on repeat for the foreseeable!


Bonnie and Clyde (Musical Theatre, London, West End.) Jordan Luke Gage, Frances Mayli McCann, Jodie Steele, George Maguire. Photo credit: production


🧡 REVIEW: Bonnie and Clyde (Musical Theatre, London, West End.) Jordan Luke Gage, Frances Mayli McCann, Jodie Steele, Dom Hartley-Harris.🧡

[Review first posted on Instagram 14 March 2023. Reel first posted 14 March 2023]

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