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REVIEW: Moulin Rouge (West End)

Updated: May 6

Piccadilly Theatre, London

8 March 2023


Moulin Rouge (London, West End) Musical Theatre, Dance, Melissa James, Jamie Muscato, March 2023. Photo: Lisa in the Theatre

The tickets for Moulin Rouge in The West End are undeniably expensive. I got a deal via London Theatre week and even still - it hurt. But now that I've been to see the show I absolutely think that it's worth the ticket price. I'll be going back and I'll pay the eye-watering price for a good seat in the stalls when I can.

It really is that good.

Based on the 2001 Baz Luhrmann musical film, Moulin Rouge the musical theatre production whisks us away to Paris, to a place where Bohemians and aristocrats mix, and where everyone is transfixed by The Diamond, Satine.

It really is a Spectacular. The wonderment begins as soon as you arrive at the theatre. Entering the auditorium is jaw dropping. There are dancers and actors all over the set too. Before the show starts it's hard to know where to look.

Once the show begins it's a cacophony of lights, music, extraordinary dancers and beautiful voices.

It's gorgeous, funny, slick - I never once heard a set move - and no one ever had a hair out of place.

The story follows the same plot as the Baz Luhrmann film, and all of the hits from the film are here too. But there's so much more! It's incredible how many contemporary pop songs they've managed to squeeze into this show. I loved that. It was so witty and cleverly done.

Moulin Rouge London, West End. Photo credit: production

The cast are extraordinary. Honestly every single person on that stage was a dream. But Jamie Muscato as Christian stole my heart. His voice! He is perfect for the Ewan McGregor role and I swear I even detected a slight Scottish accent at times. Jamie plays the poor writer role perfectly. And despite everyone else being draped in sequins, it's Jamie who I found utterly mesmerising.

Jamie Muscato in Moulin Rouge London, West End. Photo credit: production

Melissa James as Satine is unbelievably stunning. Her voice and her star quality shine brightly. You need a true superstar to pull off this lead role and Melissa is it; the perfect sparkly Diamond.

Melissa James and cast in Moulin Rouge, London, West End. Photo credit: production

It is a musical theatre show, but as you would expect at the Moulin Rouge, the dance element is out of this world. I've heard stories of Dance Captain Jason Leigh Winter cutting and re-cutting the show so that it's nothing short of flawless at every performance. It is flawless! As is every dancer. Wow.

The sets, staging and costumes are on another level. This show must cost a fortune to produce! But it's worth it.

Melissa James and Jamie Muscato in Moulin Rouge London, West End. Photo credit: production

I've seen hundreds of shows over many (many!) years and there are just a handful that have made me cry with overwhelming emotion at how good they are and how they make me feel.

It's involuntary, and I never know when it's going to happen.

It happened at Moulin Rouge.

Deserves more than 5 stars. All the stars!! Incredible.


Note: I was sad to miss Elliotte Williams-N'Dure as La Chocolat!

Elliotte absolutely stole my heart as Ursula in Unfortunate at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe last year and I just know she will kill it in this role. I will definitely be back though so please Elliotte - don't leave!

[Review first posted on Instagram 14 March 2023]

Moulin Rouge (London, West End) Musical Theatre, Dance, Melissa James, Jamie Muscato, March 2023. Photo credit: production

REVIEW: Moulin Rouge London, West End. Melissa James, Jamie Muscato, March 2023

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