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REVIEW: Frankie Boyle Lap of Shame (UK Tour - Premier)

Updated: Mar 26

The King's Theatre, Glasgow

13 February 2023


Frankie Boyle: Lap of Shame

I haven't seen Frankie Boyle's stand-up for a few years. But you know what to expect, it's Frankie Boyle - he's an equal opportunities offender. No one can escape his wrath.

We shouldn't laugh, but when he jokes that Scotland will be going to it's doom on a replacement bus service, it's hard to disagree with him.

What was new about Frankie's show on Monday night was G4S security in the auditorium standing alongside the usual theatre front of house. I initially joked that they looked like something out of The Bodyguard, and I couldn't believe it had come to this. Security? Needed inside a comedy gig in a lovely old theatre? But Frankie Boyle is certainly controversial and I don't blame him for being extra cautious.

However, guess what? They were needed!

Unfortunately two gentlemen sitting a few seats along from me in the mid-stalls were escorted out after about 20 minutes. They came in drunk, bought more beer, and were shouting and disruptive from the start. People around them couldn't hear what Frankie was saying, and it was getting a tad heated. The guys were given warnings, but inevitably, they were asked to leave. To be fair, they put their hands up and apologised to everyone around them as they were exited.

I am really pleased that G4S were there and FOH didn't have to deal with it. I guess we should get used to seeing extra security in our theatres then?

I did feel that Frankie almost performed from behind a virtual glass screen. He barely interacted with the audience, and I don't mean that as a criticism. He calmly ignored any hecklers and interruptions - which is fair enough! It was the first night of his new UK tour, he had material to get through and he stuck to it.

Frankie Boyle is of that level of fame and notoriety now that some people unfortunately see it as a challenge to heckle him and it can be disruptive mid-story. He's still really funny, and I genuinely think he's incredibly intelligent and insightful. You have to be to be a stand-up comic! But I am sad that he can't have a chat with the audience the way he used to because the arsehole threat is too high.

A great show nonetheless. You either love Frankie's humour or you don't; I do!


Christopher MacArthur-Boyd

Special mention to Christopher Macarthur-Boyd who was Frankie's support act.

That's an incredibly difficult gig, and Chris did a brilliant job of getting the audience on side. Telling some jokes upfront about how crap it is to have a support act was a very clever tactic and a great way to break the ice!

I saw Christopher's Edinburgh set last year and was really impressed then and again here. Playing to a sold out King's theatre is a massive deal! And Chris smashed it.

He definitely got some new fans off the back of that and I'm sure the same will happen in every venue he plays on Frankie's tour. I'm delighted for him.

[First posted on Instagram 17 February 2023]


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