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REVIEW: Hal Cruttenden - It's best you hear it from me (UK Tour)

Updated: Apr 5

The Stand, Glasgow

16 April 2023


Hal Cruttenden It's best you hear it from me, stand-up comedy

I've seen Hal Cruttenden's stand-up comedy at Edinburgh Fringe a few times pre-Covid. He always had hilarious stories about his Northern Irish wife marching around the living room, and his two teenage daughters poking fun at him by naming his last show 'Chubster' for example.

But now his wife has left him - he's suddenly single and navigating a divorce in his mid-50s.

"After 21 years and 224 days Hal's back being single. But it's all going to be fine. Instead of getting the therapy he clearly needs, he's made a cracking show about it."

It's Best You Hear it from Me

Other people's misfortune and misery should not be funny, but Hal makes it so.

This is an expertly written and performed comedy set. It's personal and poignant, and just a little bit political!

Hal's interactions with the audience are brilliantly observed and wickedly funny. A few people definitely left with burns!

But the person Hal is hardest on is himself; his self-deprecating humour is what makes laughing at his situation acceptable, and encouraged!

"Hal, and his soon to be ex-wife Dawn, are part of the surge in ‘grey’ divorces. But this show isn’t just for those who’ve been through divorce and single people who need cheering up. It’s also for blissfully happy couples who can’t imagine that their marriage will fail, and that smug look will be wiped off their face."

I've never seen a standing ovation at the Glasgow Stand comedy club before and Hal deservedly received one last night.

This is one of the best stand-up sets I've seen in years. Highly recommend!

⚠️ Edinburgh pals! Hal is playing the Edinburgh Stand tonight (17 April). If you're not doing anything get yourself along for a brilliant laugh.

Currently on a UK tour, you can see all dates and buy tickets at

Hal Cruttenden It's best you hear it from me, stand-up comedy

[Review first posted on Instagram 17 April 2023]

Review: Hal Cruttenden It's best you hear it from me, stand-up comedy, UK tour, The Stand, Glasgow, April 2023

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