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REVIEW: Jason Byrne - Unblocked [Stand-up Comedy, Glasgow]

Updated: Jan 5

Glee Club, Glasgow

11 January 2023


Jason Byrne Unblocked Glasgow Glee comedy club 2023

Show 1 of 2023 for me was some stand-up comedy from the lovely Mr Jason Byrne at the Glasgow Glee Club.

A quick note about the Glasgow Glee Club:

I'd never been to this venue before but I was really impressed with how it was set-up and operated. Tables were allocated on arrival.

Seating was a bit tight I'll be honest! We were pretty close to our neighbours on all sides and when anyone needed out for the loo, the whole row was disrupted. But to be guaranteed any seat at a comedy club is a major bonus. And it was great that everyone had a small table for food and drinks.

Glasgow Glee comedy club January 2023. Photo: Lisa in the Theatre

Mobile ordering for drinks to tables worked brilliantly and was quicker than walking to the bar. A revelation!

Thank goodness January is a quiet month for me show wise... I was out of the house for approximately 3 hours and I was sick for about 3 weeks! Someone must've breathed on me. But these are the risks we take these days for continuing to live our lives.

Now to the show!! -

Jason Byrne: Unblocked at Glasgow Glee club, January 2023

Rescheduled from November 2022, Jason Byrne returns with his first date back on tour after his latest health scare. Bursting with energy and enthusiasm, Jason is on form and I for one am delighted he is continuing with his stand-up.

To begin his set Jason fills us in on exactly what happened last time he was in Glasgow, when he had to cancel the gig at short notice and spent the night in hospital instead. He absolutely read the room correctly - everyone wanted to know the gory details! His stories about the local Glasgow doctors, nurses and taxi drivers all seem far fetched but also are utterly believable. (Kevin Bridges - now HE'S funny!)

Amazingly Jason can laugh it off, but he's had some serious heart surgery. These stories led to the best audience interactions with another man, who also has heart stents, and who managed to electrocute 2 nosey onlookers when they got too close to the paramedics administering the defibrillator in the street. Amazing!

Jason also managed to get nurses and trade unionists arguing in the audience... And he hones in on anyone from Ireland, England or anywhere that is and isn't Glasgow for a bit of a dig! Jason bounces off his audience brilliantly, full of wit and skillful comebacks. He's a really talented stand-up.

Jason Byrne Unblocked Glasgow Glee comedy club 2023. Photo credit: Jason Byrne

This is my third time seeing Jason Byrne but only my second seeing his stand-up. Last year at Edinburgh Fringe I went to his lovely one-man-play 'The Paddy Llama' instead. You can read my full review of that here. The play is about Jason's late dad, Paddy Byrne, and it was lovely to see Paddy make a few short appearances here! It's obvious that Jason adores his family and he speaks fondly of his dad even when he's ripping the pee out of him.

Every time I've seen Jason perform live I've come away with the same feeling: He's hilarious yes, but he also seems like a genuinely lovely guy that you'd want to sit and have a few drinks with. He builds such a good rapport with his audiences, the atmosphere is always warm and supportive.

Catch Jason on his UK & Ireland tour now! Bring your own stents and defibrillators optional. You'll laugh so much you may need them.


[First posted on Instagram 21 January 2023]


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