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REVIEW: Underwood Lane (UK Premier) [Theatre, Play, Music, Glasgow]

Updated: Sep 21, 2023

Tron Theatre Glasgow

22 July 2022


Underwood Lane tells the story of a young skiffle band, their friends, families, loves and loses.

It is cleverly staged and well choreographed, with great lighting - meaning the audience always knows where to look and doesn't miss a beat of the story-line.

But the beating heart of this production are the incredible multi-talented cast of actor / musicians. They are outstanding.

I was surprised to read that this was Marc McMillan's professional debut. He was mesmerising in the role of Dessie with a crystal clear and powerful voice. Another super grad from the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland!!

I am always mesmerised by Hannah Jarret-Scott. I am definitely a fan-girl and this is the 3rd production I've seen her in. Here she acts, drums, sings, plays trumpet, dances and slays with her razor sharp comic timing. As do all the cast. I was in awe of all the talent happening on stage. I'm not going to go through each cast member - each and every one was brilliant in their role. Great casting.

With familiar and well-loved songs peppered throughout, Underwood Lane is fun, sad, poignant and singalong joyous all at the same time.

I particularly enjoyed the humor brought by George Drennan's Father Duncan. I don't know how he kept a straight face. And the finale - hilarious.

After 2 years of delays and reschedules, it was great to finally see this come alive at the Tron.

[Review first published on Instagram 24 July 2022]

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