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REVIEW: Sofie Hagen - Fat Jokes (Edinburgh Fringe) [Stand-up Comedy]

Updated: Sep 20, 2023

Monkey Barrel Comedy, Edinburgh Festival Fringe

15 August 2022


Sofie Hagen: Fat Jokes at Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2022 (Stand-up Comedy) Photo by Lisa in the Theatre

I had tickets for Sofie Hagen's 'The Bumswing' tour in April 2020 in Glasgow. It was one of the first casualties of lockdown for me. It was cancelled and I still to this day do not know what a bumswing is. Tragic.

So this is my first time seeing Sofie perform live. And she is just as lovely as I expected!

A really funny hour for fat people, for thin people, for anyone who has ever been made fun of or marginalised for any reason.

For anyone who has maybe slept with too many comedians..!!

For everyone.

Sofie will make you feel seen.

I totally get why 'Unhinged Phone Lady' wants to be Sofie's best friend.

I really enjoyed the pre-show playlist (Queen - Fat bottom girls; Mika - Big Girls, etc) so much fun!


Monkey Barrel Venue

This is also my first time in the Monkey Barrel 3 / 4 and the Barrel bar venue.

It's fab! MB3 is a great room for stand-up Comedy. The perfect size and I don't think there can be a bad seat in the house. I love that the entrance and exits are separate, and that the exit is quick and straight to the street (great for running to your next show).

The bar and venue staff were lovely. The lighting is fun and it's well organised. Well done MB crew.

[First published on Instagram 17 August 2022]


🌟 A review of Sofie Hagen: Fat Jokes at Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2022 (Stand-up Comedy) 🌟

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