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FEATURE: My 2022 Edinburgh Festival Fringe roundup

Updated: May 29

Edinburgh Festival Fringe

August 2022

These are just some of the shows that I saw at Edinburgh Festival Fringe in 2022.

I saw 28 shows in total, including 33 stand-up comedians and 12 musicals or plays across 8 days on site.

I had a bloomin great time! But I also do remember why I gave it a miss for a few years pre-covid.

It is full on. Especially if you don't live in Edinburgh (who can afford to!?)

If you plan on going to the Fringe in future know that you will meet lovely people. You'll see celebrities in the street and sit beside comedians in beer gardens and at other shows.

Flyerers and performers will stop you in the street and talk to you. Be kind to them! You may see a great show and meet a lovely person trying their best to survive an incredibly expensive and high pressure environment.

You'll eat a lot of over priced street food (I may do a separate post on the festival food.) And you'll see some cracking shows! But do put some time into planning your days in advance. Book popular shows upfront. But also please take a risk on seeing people you've never heard of.

With over 3,500 shows on offer in 2022, I barely scratched the surface. But I think I picked really well. Only a couple of shows were just OK. The rest were either great or brilliant!

Rob Madge My son's a queer Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2022

🥇 My absolute favourite theatre show of the festival was Rob Madge's My son's a queer (But what can you do?) I saw other 5 star shows, but this is the one that will stay with me. So brilliantly done. Masterfully edited. It made me laugh and made me cry. I left full of adoration and admiration for Rob.

This show worked well in the relatively intimate Udderbelly venue. I was in the second row and felt like I was having a cup of tea in Rob's living room. I hope that personal, intimate feeling translates with the West End transfer.

Read my review of 'My Son's a Queer' here


🥇 Stand-up comedian wise, the ladies won it for me this year. I struggle to pick between Susie McCabe and Rachel Fairburn. Both shows were side splitting funny. Both comics deserve more recognition than they got.

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Reuben Kaye Edinburgh Festival fringe 2022, photo by Lisa in the Theatre

🥇 What Reuben Kaye does is in a category of its own. Comedy yes, but he also sings and so much more. It's cabaret plus! He's one of the best natural performers I've ever seen. A Diva and an icon.

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Billy Kirkwood, Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2022

🥇Lastly, a special mention to Billy Kirkwood - For the sheer energy, chaos and hilarity Billy brings to any room, this years set 'energetic' sits high in my favourites of the month too.

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[First posted on Instagram 1 September 2022]

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