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REVIEW: Billy Kirkwood - Energetic (Edinburgh Fringe) [Stand-up Comedy]

Updated: Sep 20, 2023

Scottish Comedy Festival at The Beehive Inn, Edinburgh Festival fringe

20 August 2022


Billy Kirkwood Energetic at Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2022

Energetic is an apt name for this show!

Right from the start, Billy's energy is off the scale. He describes himself as being off his ADHD meds, and I can believe it! Thoughts and prayers with his wife at this time.

I've seen Billy's stand-up before, but not for many years. He was brilliant then and he is brilliant now. He deserves more recognition and to be more well-known than he is.

Billy is the 22nd comedian I've seen perform at this year's fringe (yes I am really tired, thank you) and he is one of the best! His comedy is chaotic and sharp. I can't remember anything that he said, but I know that I laughed for the whole hour and had a great time.

The audience loved this set and everyone left hyped and happy. What more can you ask for?

Warning: This show contains more nudity than Porno! But if you're not offended by swearing, tattoos and a bit of pale Scottish skin on show, then you won't spend a better £5 at the Fringe this year.


[Review first posted on Instagram 22 August 2022]

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