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REVIEW: Rachel Fairburn - Can I be Awful? (Edinburgh Fringe)

Updated: Apr 5

Edinburgh Festival Fringe

Monkey Barrel Comedy

15 August 2022


Rachel Fairburn: Can I be Awful?

My first time seeing Rachel Fairburn and I fell in love. I loved Rachel; I loved what she wore (the most impressive sparkly catsuit), I loved what she said and how she said it. She spoke to the audience but she really spoke to me. I had to hold myself back from standing up and cheering every few minutes.

This is an hour about misplaced kindness, about class and about how bloody annoying everyone is.

A real breath of fresh air, clever and cutting - I loved every minute.

I am a new fan and I'll be looking out for everything and anything she does in future (yes I am already subscribed to the #allkillanofilla podcast).


[Review first posted on Instagram 17 August 2022]


A review of Rachel Fairburn: Can I be Awful? at Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2022 (Stand-up Comedy)

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