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REVIEW - Rachel Fairburn: Showgirl

Updated: Apr 5

25 September 2023

The Stand, Glasgow


Rachel Fairburn: Showgirl, comedy, stand-up, UK tour 2023.

Comedian Rachel Fairburn arrived in Glasgow with her brand new set 'Showgirl' aiming to set the record straight about just why she got into comedy.

Rachel's new set is brilliantly observed and wickedly funny. But to open the show, Rachel served as her own support act. This was an inspired decision, and basically consisted of Rachel chatting to the audience about her stay in Glasgow and getting to know the crowd a little better.

It's fantastic to see her like this; her natural rapport and razor sharp commentary only serve to warm the audience to her more. There was a fantastic exchange with a lady who had travelled from Philadelphia, a couple who were unbelievably on a Tinder date, and Rachel's disbelief at just how many kids can fit into Kelvingrove Art gallery on what she thought was a school day (it was a local Glasgow holiday weekend!) Rachel's palpable joy recalling what must've been Tam Shepherd's joke shop (a local legend) had the audience nodding along in delight. Rachel was the perfect warm-up for herself and it felt rather special to watch her thrive in this intimate environment, unscripted, natural, hilarious.

Rachel Fairburn: Showgirl, comedy, stand-up, UK tour 2023.

After a short break for Rachel to do her hair and adorn her sparkly outfit of dreams, she was back with her headline routine. Well constructed and full of her trademark observations on everything from true crime to air-fryers, 'Showgirl' is a fantastic stand-up comedy set to rival any I've seen this year. As always, Rachel doesn't hold back. She speaks from the heart about the social divide in the UK and the difficulty of getting into, and staying in, showbusiness.

Rachel covers a range of topics over the next hour or so, but what strikes me most is her delivery. Her stage presence, her comic timing, that devious twinkle in her eye when she's about to say something about the men on the UK comedy circuit... She has it all. She's just a brilliant live comedian.

This is the fourth time I've seen Rachel perform live now and this is the best I've ever seen her. She just gets better and better! A powerhouse comedian at the top of her game, catch her on tour across the UK now.



REVIEW - Rachel Fairburn: Showgirl (Comedy, Stand-up, The Stand, Glasgow, September 2023)

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