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REVIEW: Jay Lafferty - Bahookie (Lanternhouse Laughs)

Updated: Mar 26

24 February 2024

Cumbernauld Theatre at Lanternhouse


Jay Lafferty - Bahookie

The monthly comedy night at Cumbernauld Theatre 'Lanternhouse Laughs' sees their main auditorium transformed into a comedy club, complete with round tables, candles and friendly atmosphere. They bring the best Scottish comedians to the people of North Lanarkshire, and it's a very welcome addition to the local arts scene.

The February headline slot belonged to the wonderful Jay Lafferty, who brought her smash-hit 2023 Edinburgh Fringe show, Bahookie to Cumbernauld at the start of a new tour. [Full tour dates below]

With Bahookie, Jay asks how best to deal with being an 'older' woman on the comedy circuit, how to keep her material fresh, and how to find happiness in work and life now that she's not 'the next big thing.' She introduces us to her social media adverts, her new approach to exercise via pole-dancing, and to her no-nonsense pole-dance teacher Dan. It's a set full of entertaining anecdotes and joy. Everyone needs someone like Coach Dan in their lives!

As all the best comics do, Jay shares some of her personal life, and some of her own fears and anxieties with the audience. Her set is so relatable, the audience were nodding along with most of what she said. With over 20 years success as a stand-up comic, Jay is warm and natural with the audience. Everyone is comfortable; she's never mean. But her acute observations and sharp retorts mean no-one is getting away with any youthfulness or cheek either.

Jay Lafferty - Bahookie. Photo credit: Rod Penn
Photo credit: Rod Penn

Of course, the eight-foot silver pole looming at the side of the stage all evening is very hard to ignore, and the audience are keen for Jay to get up there and show us what she has learnt.

She does not disappoint! No spoilers from me, but Jay does indeed treat us to a pole-dance in the way that only a 40+, Scottish comedian could do. It's glorious!

Jay Lafferty's Bahookie is a well-written, tightly performed, upbeat and unique comedy set. It's a celebration of life and of ageing performed by a gifted storyteller. Jay proves she can more than hold her own against any newcomers, and you're sure to leave the venue with joy in your heart and a spring in your step.

A brilliant evening. I highly recommend you go see Jay Lafferty's Bahookie for yourself! With two live recording specials coming up in Glasgow and Edinburgh in March, dates in London and more across Scotland in 2024, you have plenty of opportunity to go cheer her on for yourself. Please do. She's terrific. [Full tour dates below]


✨ Jay's support act in Cumbernauld was another super Scottish comedian, the lovely Mr Chris Thorburn who's warm-up set had the Lanternhouse Laughs crowd raring to go. Chris's own full show Cineman is an ingenious hour of comedy and one of the more enjoyable sets I saw at Edinburgh Fringe last year - read more here.

🎞️ So this is another great show I highly recommend you catch in March, Chris Thorburn's Cineman is on at Glasgow International Comedy Festival on 28th March - more detail here 🎞️


Jay Lafferty: Bahookie 2024 Tour Dates

Jay Lafferty: Bahookie 2024 Tour Dates


🎟️ Disclosure: I was invited to review this show and received a complimentary ticket in exchange for my time and for publishing this article. Neither the venue nor the act has any say in what I write. I'm completely independent, and whether I am invited or not has zero impact on my reviews or star ratings. (I also made my husband buy a ticket!)

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REVIEW: Jay Lafferty - Bahookie (Lanternhouse Laughs)

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