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REVIEW: Rob Madge - My Son's A Queer (But what can you do?) (Edinburgh Fringe) [Musical Theatre]

Updated: Sep 21, 2023

Underbelly, Udderbelly, Edinburgh Festival Fringe

4 August 2022


Rob Madge My Son's a queer Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2022

Rob Madge's My Son's a queer (But what can you do) won the What's on stage award for best off West-end production in 2022.

I can see why!

A beautiful, pitch perfect performance from an experienced west-end wonder at the top of their game. A truly wonderful show with so much heart and love.

The quality of this piece is astonishing. I was not ready for this on my first day, on Rob's first day and only my second Edinburgh Fringe show of the year!

Rob's voice and stage presence are outstanding. I cried. I laughed. I leapt to my feet in standing ovation (along with the rest of the sobbing, cheering audience). I had high expectations, but they were exceeded.

Rob Madge My Son's a queer at Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2022. Photo by Lisa in the theatre

What we witness is Rob's childhood efforts to put on a Disney parade (or two) in their living room. It has more drama than Coronation street. And better songs.

I feel honoured that Rob shared this part of their lives with us. It deserves to be shared!

Rob is a gem. Rob's parents and grandparents will make you sob with joy and gratitude.

If I lived in Edinburgh I would go see this show every day of the fringe. Love. Love. Love. Deserves all the stars.

Buy tickets. NOW!


[First published on Instagram 5 August 2022]

Rob Madge My Son's a queer at Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2022. Photo credit: Rob Madge

🌟A review of Rob Madge: My Son's A Queer (But what can you do?) at Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2022 (Musical Theatre, Disney) 🌟

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