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Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2023

Edinburgh Festival Fringe brochure 2023 Theater Comedy Musicals Musical Scotland Lisa in the Theatre

2023 Edinburgh Festival Fringe content starts now! I've been to my first two comedy previews.

So far I'm booked in to review over 50 shows in August. I'd love to do more but I'm worried about my sanity. Last year I did 28 and it took me all of September to recover so 😬🤯

Press launches start on 2nd August with my first shows scheduled for 3rd August. Only 10 days away now. Eek!

Over the next few weeks on my Instagram I'll be revealing which theatre, comedy and dance shows I've chosen to see and why. And of course I'll let you know what I think about them once I've seen them with reviews here on my blog.

With over 3000 shows on offer it's impossible to even scratch the surface. I've picked shows I think I'll enjoy. I'm not going to sit through something I don't fancy. So fingers crossed I've chosen well.

I've also picked some bonkers and unhinged stuff because I like to be entertained 😂

There are loads of acts I'd love to see but can't fit in, so I'll also be doing a few lists of acts / shows I've seen before and recommend.

I'll have reels of my days at the festival and lots of stories and posts about the various venues and food and drink on offer on my Instagram.

I have a couple of really interesting stories and interviews lined up too.

August is going to be fun. Send all the Red Bull!

In the meantime, why not have a look at some of the shows I saw at the 2022 Fringe and read about my favourite picks of the festival here


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