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REVIEW: Shamilton (Edinburgh Fringe) [Improv Comedy, Musical Theatre, HipHop]

Updated: Sep 20, 2023

Assembly Studio One, Edinburgh Festival Fringe

23 August 2022


Baby wants Candy, Shamilton, at Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2022 Lisa in the Theatre Theater Hamilton

Baby Wants Candy have a well deserved reputation for their clever and funny improvised musicals at Edinburgh Fringe. This year they also bring a second show, 'Shamilton' to the fringe. So you have 2 opportunities every day to catch this talented troupe and marvel as they create an original musical on the spot from audience suggestions.

Shamilton is the same format as their original show - it's an improved musical - but this time in the style of Hamilton (i.e. with a bit more hip hop and rapping!).

On the day I saw Shamilton, the hero of our tale was RuPaul Charles (he of Drag Race fame) and his enemies were Austin Powers, the NYPD and Fracking. He had to deal with such struggles as 'tucking', sequins and platform boots. And Michelle Visage turned out to be Austin shaved, made up and working deep undercover for the NYPD. Their aim, to stop drag from ruining America (it poses much more danger than drugs and guns of course!)

It was so clever and so funny; I genuinely don't know how they do it! There must by secret signals between the cast and their band 'The HamilTones', but it all seemed seamless to me. All I know is my face hurt from laughing and I was in awe of the cast. They not only act and sing, but in Shamilton they rap too. (And here they had to twerk - a lot.)

What a talent improv is - but improv, when lyrics need to rhyme, when a story needs to be cohesive and to be wrapped up in under an hour in a group setting, when no one can trade notes is mind blowing.

Baby wants candy put on a brand new show every day. I only got to see it once but I would love to see it again. 'Rupaul the musical' was so good that I can't believe they can better it or even match it every day. But from the audience reviews it seems they do!

Bravo Baby Wants Candy.

PS they give out sweets in the queue!!


[Review first posted on Instagram 29 August 2022]


🌟 A review of Shamilton by Baby Wants Candy at Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2022. Improv Comedy, Musical Theatre, HipHop, RuPaul. 🌟

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