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REVIEW: The Choir of Man (Edinburgh Fringe)

Updated: Apr 5

Edinburgh Festival Fringe

Assembly Hall

19 August 2022


The Choir of Man Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2022

One of my most anticipated shows for this years edinburgh Fringe, and the first show I booked many months ago: The Choir of Man.

It had to be good, right? And it is! 9 incredibly multi-talented men, in a pub, telling stories and singing songs. There are singalongs, there is tap dancing, there is comedy and more. The guy's voices particularly shone during the acapella version of Sia's Chandelier.

But the show ended too soon; it felt too short. I believe this Fringe version is cut to fit a 1 hour time slot... And I have FOMO!

What did I miss?

It wasn't until after the show that I read more into the characters that I realised there was supposed to be 'The Poet', ''The Romantic', 'The Joker' etc. I didn't get any of that at all!, but I assume that's because I saw the short version.

Although I enjoyed the (seemingly random) songs, the actors and the general joyous atmosphere, I'm not entirely sure what the point is? A good hour and a singalong, yes. As a fringe show, it's great fun!

There's no denying the talent on stage and there's a touching, truly sad message about pubs closing due to Covid.

But as a musical theatre show, it's lacking a story.

I'd like to see the full length show in London so I can truly understand the hype, but I think I would grudge paying London prices.

As much fun as I had, I'm yet to be convinced by this one.


[Review first published on Instagram 22 August 2022]


A review of The Choir of Man musical at Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2022

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