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REVIEW: The Sound of Music (TMTC) [Musical Theatre, South Shields]

Updated: Sep 20, 2023

The Customs House, South Shields

27 August 2022

I had a great time on Saturday at this wonderful production of The Sound of Music from The Musical Theatre Company.

This production is amateur in name only. The ensemble cast are magnificent, and the sets, staging and production values thoroughly exceeded my expectations.

There has obviously been a lot of hard work and many hours of rehearsal put in behind scene. It's utterly professional in its presentation and a credit to everyone involved.

Caroline Sabiston is the perfect Maria. Charming, warm and with just the right amount of goofy to endear herself to the children and the Captain. Caroline is a seasoned Musical Theatre performer with a gorgeous voice. She was born to play Maria.

Sarah Fenwick as Mother Abbess is simply astounding. I could listen to her sing all day. Twice she sings 'Climb evr'y mountain', and twice I was in floods of tears. I understand this is Sarah's acting debut, but she pitched it perfectly. I hope she goes on to more roles on stage - she thoroughly deserves her place in the spotlight.

When the nuns all sing together with Mother Abbess, the sound from the stage is incredible. The harmonies are beautiful and rousing, and they're singing in Latin for goodness sake!! How difficult these numbers must be. The Musical Theatre Company could loan this choir of "nuns" to churches and for Christmas concerts. They're too good to just pack away at the end of next week.

I may be biased: Full disclosure - my sister is one of the nuns in this show! - but if you live in the North East, please go judge for yourself. I thought they were brilliant.

I'm unable to mention every cast member, but I must acknowledge the children: Completely professional and utterly adorable every one. Well done!

This is my first time visiting the Customs House at South Shields. Although I visit Newcastle often, I've never ventured south of the river to South Shields. I loved it! What great people and a smashing venue.

I can't wait to see what The Musical Theatre Company do next.

The Sound of Music runs at Customs House South Shields until 3 September.

[Review first posted on Instagram 30 August 2022]

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