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REVIEW: Singin' in the Rain (UK Tour) [Musical Theatre, Glasgow]

Updated: Sep 20, 2023

King's Theatre, Glasgow

8 August 2022


Singin in the rain 2022 UK tour poster featuring a man dressed in a suit holding an open umbrella above his head.

I love when a musical theatre production has excellent dancers and this production is chock full of them.

Everyone on stage is an exquisite dancer, and with the beautiful costumes, clever lighting and effective staging we are transported to a dreamy multicoloured old Hollywood movie set.

The set for this classic musical is so impressive - not least for a touring production. The stage is cleverly designed to deal with the 'rain' and there is absolutely no skimping on the water... There is no hosepipe ban here. As we see with 'rain' in other stage productions, this is no wishy washy dribble - it's a downpour. I imagine wardrobe on this tour have a really difficult job! The 1st act finale is glorious.

Sam Lips (Don Lockwood) is a gorgeous dancer (and singer). He is perfectly cast as a Hollywood movie idol (swoon).

If you ever had any doubt if Kevin Clifton can tap dance - wow, he absolutely can! 'Make em laugh' is my favourite scene from the film - it's choreographic genius - and Donald O'Connor's performance of it is quite rightly legendary. Kevin does a very fine job with the incredibly difficult number, although no-one can ever better the original (IMHO).

The 2 leading ladies Charlotte Gooch and Jenny Gayner are perfection! Fantastic performances from both of them ensure this isn't just about the 'Gene Kelly' role and titular splashy number. The ladies sing, act, dance just as brilliantly as the men - but like Ginger Rodgers - they do it in heels (and beautiful dresses).

I highly recommend this show. It is one of the best touring productions I have ever seen in the UK. It's an exceptionally slick show with a world-class cast.

[Review first published on Instagram 9 August 2022]

A review of Singin' in the Rain (UK Tour) [Musical Theatre, Glasgow, August 2022]

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