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REVIEW - Sian Davies: This Charming Man (Comedy, Stand-up) [Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2023]

Updated: Aug 21, 2023


REVIEW - Sian Davies: This Charming Man (Comedy, Stand-up) [Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2023. Photo credit: Andy Hollingsworth

"Sian Davies loves men. It’s a shame they’re so terrible. All her role models have let her down, including - but not limited to - Morrissey, the former queer hero turned problematic figure whose music (and, let’s be honest, style) have had a huge influence on Sian’s life and work."

I have no interest in Morrissey or The Smiths. I don't dislike them; I'm just not bothered. So why go see this show? Because Sian was recommended to me by another comedian last year, and I think that a comedian recommending a comedian, is very high praise indeed. I should say that my husband is a massive Smiths fan, so I'm not completely ignorant to their work or influence either.

But you really don't need to be a Smiths fan to enjoy this show. It's a well constructed hour of stand-up comedy that cleverly uses tv clips and plenty of pop-culture references to underline Sian's points. "What do you do when your heroes disappoint you? Why do we pin so much hope on them in the first place? And at what point do you admit it’s all gone wrong?"

I instantly loved Sian's style and tone. Obviously an experienced speaker and host, she exudes confidence, and her rapport with the crowd is friendly and fun. I was captivated for the full hour and I agreed with everything that she said. Sian's set is full of sharp observations and jokes about celebrity, about queerness, and about life. I especially loved how many call-backs she managed to squeeze in. Always a sign of an intelligent, well written show; Sian is a great comedian, but she's clearly a very wise one too.

If you are a Smiths or Morrissey fan (or were), I think you'd appreciate the subtle nods to lyrics and themes in this show, and enjoy it even more. But Sian makes sure that everyone is welcome, everyone is included. Great fun.


*** Sian Davies is the host of 'Comedy Queers' and the force behind 'Best In Class', the crowd-funded initiative which champions and supports working-class comedians at the Fringe and beyond. In 2022, this movement won the Panel Prize, and has since given the money away to power the next crop of comics who wouldn’t otherwise make it to Edinburgh.***

When and Where?

Venue: Assembly George Square, The Box

Time: 15:45

Dates: 2nd - 27th August 2023

Price: £7.50 - £10.00

📸 Photo credit: Andy Hollingsworth


🌟REVIEW - Sian Davies: This Charming Man (Comedy, Stand-up) [Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2023]🌟

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