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REVIEW: Matthew Bourne's Edward Scissorhands, UK Tour, Glasgow 2024

Updated: May 26

Stephen Murray as Edward Scissorhands in Matthew Bourne's dance show. Photo credit: Johan Persson

Edward Scissorhands (UK Tour 2024)

Devised, directed and choreographed by Matthew Bourne

21 May 2024

Theatre Royal, Glasgow



Returning to Glasgow for the first time in ten years, Matthew Bourne's magical production of Edward Scissorhands is more timely and more stunning than ever. Bourne's New Adventures are the only company in the world permitted to perform Edward's story on stage. They have taken Tim Burton's beloved film and Danny Elfman's spine-tingling score and turned them into an exquisite dance theatre masterpiece.

What is Edward Scissorhands about?

When Edward's creator dies before he is complete, he is left alone to fend for himself with only scissors for hands. When Edward wanders into the local town, the good-hearted Mrs Boggs takes him into her home and tries to integrate him into her family and to their local suburban community.

Stephen Murray as Edward Scissorhands with cast in Matthew Bourne's dance show. Photo credit: Johan Persson

Before the show even begins, Matthew Bourne's Edward Scissorhands looks gorgeous. A beautiful lighting effect punctuates the title screen and lets us know it's showtime! From then on in, the sets, staging and costume design from Lez Brotherston are superb. The haunting new music and arrangements of Elfman's classic score by Terry Davies are sublime. This may be the most aesthetically pleasing show on the UK theatre circuit at present.

And that's before we even get to the dancers!

The dancers, as expected from New Adventures, are incredible. Bright, lively, beautiful - they flit across the stage on nimble toes, their facial expressions and mannerisms all that are needed to tell a complete story. Impeccably directed, even without any spoken words, the storyline is clear and riveting. It's a real talent to tell an entire tale through dance, and none do it better than Matthew Bourne.

The cast of Matthew Bourne's Edward Scissorhands. Photo credit: Johan Persson

Reprising her role as Kim Boggs, it was a delight to see the wonderful Ashley Shaw perform on the Glasgow stage once again alongside the brilliant original Edward Scissorhands himself, Dominic North as Bill Boggs.

Donning the scissors for opening night in Glasgow we had Stephen Murray in the lead role of Edward and he was sensational. What an actor, what a dancer, what a star! I do not have enough superlatives to do his flawless performance justice. He was simply, outstanding.

The entire company are. They work together to lay down a masterful display of acting through dance. It's astonishing to witness and a real treat of a night out.

Edward Scissorhands as a ballet is surprisingly full of humour; it's probably the wittiest dance production I've ever seen. But it's also a bittersweet tale that sees a lonely, different boy struggle to fit in. I sobbed my heart out. It's stunning.


Edward Scissorhands is at the Theatre Royal, Glasgow from 21 - 25 May 2024


Stephen Murray as Edward Scissorhands in Matthew Bourne's dance show. Photo credit: Johan Persson

Matthew Bourne said “Never has the story of Edward Scissorhands been more timely. In an era when uniqueness and identity is both celebrated and reviled, its story of how we treat anyone who appears to be different in our communities is as poignant and relevant as when my dear friend Caroline Thompson wrote the screenplay for Tim Burton’s legendary movie fable some 33 years ago. Once again I am truly indebted to Caroline, Tim Burton and Danny Elfman for trusting us with their beloved tale. In fact, New Adventures is the only company in the world that performs Edward Scissorhands as a theatrical spectacle. I’m thrilled to welcome “Edward” back for our 2023/4 season to spread his message of joy, creativity and acceptance”.


📸 Production photos: Johan Persson

🎞️ Watch the trailer for Matthew Bourne's Edward Scissorhands here:


Edward Scissorhands Cast (Glasgow Theatre Royal, Tuesday 21 May 2024


Stephen Murray as Edward Scissorhands in Matthew Bourne's dance show. Photo credit: Johan Persson

Edward Scissorhands           Stephen Murray


Peg Boggs/Old Kim                     Kerry Biggin

Bill Boggs/Funeral                        Dominic North

Kim Boggs                                     Ashley Shaw

Kevin Boggs/Little Edward          Jamie Duncan-Campbell


Joyce Monroe                                 Stephanie Billers

George Monroe/Funeral/TV Reporter  Luke Murphy

Miss Bunny Monroe/Christmas Caroler/Topiary 1        Megan Ferguson

Gerald Monroe/Topiary 2/ Christmas Caroler             Aristide Lyons


Mrs Charity Upton/Funeral/Topiary 3                           Christina Gibbs

Mayor Franklyn Upton III/Inventor                               Glenn Graham

Darlene Upton/Topiary 4/Xmas Bad                           Carrie Willis

James ‘Jim’ Upton                                                       Benjamin Barlow Bazeley


Tiffany Covitt/TV Reporter                                            Molly Shaw-Downie

Brad Covitt/Topiary 5                                                  Andrew Ashton

Candy Covitt/Cheerleader/Topiary 6/Caroler           Anna Maria de Freitas

Chase Covitt/Topiary 7/ Caroler                                 Xholindi Muci


Esmerelda Evereech/Funeral                                       Mami Tomotani

Rev Judas Evereech                                                    Reece Causton

Marilyn-Ann Evereech/Topiary 8/ Xmas Bad              Alice O’Brien

Gabriel Evereech/Topiary 9/Xmas Bad                       Perreira de Jesus Franque


Ryan Gaibright/Funeral/Photographer                       Barnaby Quarendon

Todd Gaibright/Funeral/Topiary 10/Haircut reveal     James Lovell

Sandra Gaibright/Cheerleader/Topiary 11/Caroler   Savannah Ffrench

Sheldon Gaibright/Topiary 12/Xmas Bad                    Xavier Andriambolanoro Sotiya

Stephen Murray as Edward Scissorhands in Matthew Bourne's dance show. Photo credit: Johan Persson


Edward Scissorhands UK Tour - dates, venues and tickets



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Matthew Bourne's Edward Scissorhands UK Tour 2024

Matthew Bourne's Edward Scissorhands review, New Adventures, UK Tour, Theatre Royal, Glasgow May 2024

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