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REVIEW: Candy (Edinburgh Fringe) [Theatre, Play, Drag, LGBTQIA+]

Updated: Oct 7, 2023

Underbelly Bristo Sq, Edinburgh Festival Fringe

16 August 2022


CANDY by Tim Fraser, Reboot Theatre Company, Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2022

Raw. Intimate. Thought-provoking. Heart breaking.

Very well written and acted. How anyone can remember a monologue of this length is beyond me. But Michael Waller stands alone, only a few inches from our faces, and delivers it with sincerity and aplomb.

"Will has a secret. He’s hopelessly in love with the unattainable Candy — she’s an epiphany, a revelation, and his best friend Billy in drag! Can he ever be with her? And what does loving her really mean?"

‘CANDY’, written by Tim Fraser of Reboot Theatre Company, has evolved over the years from a 15 minute short, to this beautiful play I see in front of me today. Still stripped back with minimal (no) staging, the play relies on the performance and the writing to deliver the drama. Special mention to the lighting designer - it worked so well and really added to the piece.


The stage for CANDY by Tim Fraser, Reboot Theatre Company at Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2022. Photo by Lisa in the theatre

Underbelly Bristo Square - Fresian

Underbelly Bristo Square has a great layout this year with plenty of bars, food stalls, space and (critically!) toilets. This venue, Underbelly Fresian, is a great room for a small theatre production situated directly underneath the McEwan hall. Getting there felt like walking through an artdeco subway station. As you would expect, it is all very well organised and the staff are lovely as always.

[First published on Instagram 18 August 2022]


🌈 A review of Candy at Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2022 (Theatre, Play, Drag, LGBTQIA+)🌈

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