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REVIEW: Prima Facie, Jodie Comer, London (National Theatre)

Updated: Apr 26

Harold Pinter Theatre, London (NT Live)

12 August 2022


Prima Facie, Jodie Comer review

Jodie Comer must be superhuman.


How did she do that?!

The first hour of Prima Facie is frantic. Tessa (Comer) is a young, hotshot barrister. We meet her in her chambers, and over the next hour she barely stops for breath as she dresses, redresses, moves the set around and lays the backstory for us, all whilst acting her socks off.

I was exhausted watching her. But it was seamless.


The staging, lighting and set are clever. The costuming and choreography are inspired. The green dress and the use of water at the end of Act 1 were so striking - great choices.

We haven't even talked about the story or the powerful message yet. It's really difficult to discuss

without giving away spoilers. Please know that it does include sensitive subject matter. [SPOILER: Including reference to sex, violence and rape.]

Needless to say this play is so important. So moving. Thought provoking. And unfortunately, very real.

Jodie Comer thoroughly deserves all the awards that are bound to come her way.

"I am broken. But I am still here."



[Review first published on Instagram 13 August 2022]

Prima Facie - review, Jodie Comer, London (NT Live, National Theatre)

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