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REVIEW: Beats on Pointe, Edinburgh Fringe 2022

Updated: Apr 24

Assembly Hall

23 August 2022


Beats on Pointe Masters of Choreography Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2022. Photo by Lisa in the theatre

I only saw one dance show at Edinburgh Fringe this year and I think I chose well!

Beats on Pointe are part of the Masters of Choreography stable and hail from Melbourne Australia. They presented an hour of nonstop, exquisite dance routines with the best break dancing I have ever seen, alongside some beautiful ballet and world class street dance.

Think ballerinas in pristine white sparking tutus, but with denim jackets on top. Think tight street dance routines, dance battles and banging tunes. There were LED lights on costumes, glowing laces, comedy and more. It was epic. I loved it!

What's more, unlike many shows at Edinburgh Festival Fringe, this is perfectly safe for the whole family. In fact the performers were excellent with the kids sitting in the front row, fist bumping them and making their day. Lovely to see.

Absolutely nothing I can say can do this show justice. Go to their website (below) and watch their show reels.

Even if you don't normally go to dance shows I can't imagine anyone who wouldn't enjoy this one.

It's great fun. Highly recommended. I want to go again!


[Review first posted on Instagram 29 August 2022]


A review of Beats on Pointe, at Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2022, Ballet, Street Dance, breakdancing.

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