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Lisa in the Theatre 2022 favourites: Musical Theatre

Updated: Jan 13

Lisa in the Theatre 2022 Favourites: Musicals / Musical Theatre.

If you saw my '2022 Stagey Year in review' you will know that I went to 82 shows in 2022, 35 of them musicals.

Here are my top 5 musicals of the year!

When I first did this, I narrowed it down to 12 that I absolutely loved.... So I've had to be ruthless to get it to 5.


🌟Spuds by Sleeping Warrior Theatre Company at the Tron Theatre, Glasgow.

Written and Directed by Andy McGregor; starring Richard Conlon, Joanne McGuinness and Ewan Somers.

Spuds is a sung-through musical about what happens when a middle-class man's life goes off the rails and he discovers a new drug made from Iron Brew (not Irn Bru; they would be sued, probably) and mouldy chips.

The humour is undeniably Scottish and I adored it! The cast were excellent, the writing sharp and the songs genius. I laughed from beginning to end.

Against some incredibly big budget musicals this year, Spuds more than held its own and has a firm place in my heart.

Spuds, Sleeping Warrior Theatre Company


🌟My Son's A Queer, (But what can you do?) by Rob Madge, at Underbelly, Edinburgh Festival Fringe.

I saw Rob's first show at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe this year and I was stunned. It's joyous!

The story of Rob's endeavours to put on a Disney parade or two in their parents living room; it's divine. My Son's a Queer has since gone on to have an incredibly successful month at Edinburgh, followed by a stint at the Garrick Theatre in the West End, a cast album and is now transferring to a 5 week run at the ambassadors in London in 2023. So well deserved. A joy!


🌟Mrs Doubtfire, the Musical at Manchester Opera House

I travelled to Manchester the UK premier of Mrs Doubtfire in September and it was tremendous. Making a transfer to the West End in May 2023, Gabriel Vick's performance as Mrs Doubtfire is superhuman! Read my original post here


🌟Saturday Night Fever (UK Tour) at Edinburgh Playhouse.

One of the biggest surprises of the year for me was the Saturday Night Fever UK tour at Edinburgh Playhouse. The staging, the cast, the dancing and choreography by Bill Deamer, the flashing dance floor! - all incredible. And the sound track sung live onstage by "the Bee Gees" is a brilliant touch. There was a party atmosphere in the auditorium and I danced all the way home. Read my original review here


🌟The Book of Mormon (UK tour) at Theatre Royal, Glasgow

This production and cast of The Book of Mormon are outstanding! I saw it at the Theatre Royal, Glasgow and I was seriously wow'ed! Read my full review here


[First posted on Instagram 10 January 2023]

⭐ Lisa in the Theatre 2022 favourites: Musical Theatre. Including Spuds, My Son's A Queer, Mrs Doubtfire, The Book of Mormon ⭐

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