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REVIEW: Russell Kane Live: The Essex Variant (UK Tour, Glasgow)

Updated: May 6

King's Theatre Glasgow

17 July 2022


Russell Kane review - The Essex Variant

Russell Kane is back in Glasgow with his new stand-up show, The Essex Variant!

This is may be the fourth or fifth time I've been to Russell's live comedy shows over the years. Now post-Covid, and I'm pleased to report that he's still as energetic as ever. He does not stop running from one side of the stage to the other! He must get a full cardio workout in during his shows.

No topic and no accent was safe. Russell does a great job of taking the P out of everything and everyone equally.

He went to extreme efforts to make it to Glasgow after a day of (Avanti) train cancellations and a nightmare journey. He arrived in the nick of time, absolutely fuming and yet still so full of energy and hilarious. I'll go see him again and again. I had a brilliant night.


[Review first published on Instagram 22 July 2022]

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