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REVIEW - Josh Weller: Age Against The Machine (Comedy, stand-up, Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2023)


Josh Weller: Age Against The Machine, comedy, stand-up, Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2023

Josh Weller is a failed ex-punk musician turned comedian, viral content maker, comic book author and podcast host. He signed to Universal records when he was 23 but was very quickly dropped. He has toured the world both as a solo artist and as the lead singer of popular punk act The Kenneths. He has toured with The Offspring, The Descendents, Anti-Flag and Hollywood star Juliette Lewis. He drummed for The Kinks’ Ray Davies at a Royal Variety Performance and has toured with Mumford & Sons, The Maccabees, and more.

That's some biography! Making his debut at this year’s Edinburgh Fringe with ‘Age Against The Machine’ - what a great name for a show! - Josh turned to stand-up when he realised that he wanted to tell jokes between playing songs.

There's no denying Josh is a very talented man. His knowledge of the music industry, and of seemingly random bands and albums is seriously impressive. He uses music throughout his set, taking us on a nostalgic journey of offensive songs through the decades, as well as playing us samples from tracks he both rates and doesn't.

Josh's set is full of interesting anecdotes about the music industry; and if anyone was ever in any doubt that it's a manipulative, evil empire, he'll soon set you straight. But as well as looking outwards, he looks inwards: Why did he not 'make it?' Were his own songs really just a bit shit?

Josh is so likeable, he seems like a good-natured soul despite the beatings he has taken from the music industry. His set is a little bit different from the usual stand-up routines and I was fascinated by what he had to say. But I found it just that - interesting, as opposed to side-splittingly funny.

It depends what you're looking for. If you're a music fan, there's much to learn and admire in this set. It's an enjoyable insight into why music is so important in so many of our lives and why living the dream isn't maybe so dreamy after all.


When and Where?

Venue: Pleasance Courtyard - Below

Time: 7.10pm

Dates: 2nd – 28th August (not 14th)


About Josh Weller

Josh was born in England to a Mauritian mother and British father but raised in Malaysia as his dad served in the Air Force. It is a Muslim country and without means of communication he turned to music, comedy and film, remaining obsessed with all three to this day. He moved back to England aged ten and lived in Norwich until nineteen, during which time he taught himself how to play the drums and guitar, playing in punk bands before ultimately turning to the acoustic guitar instead. When he moved to London to chase a career in music, he relentlessly gigged securing his first managers who were cocaine dealers in Islington. He also spent 5 years working in a toy shop, occasionally getting lucky breaks like tours with the Stereophonics.

Once set on stand-up Weller’s high energy cleverly self-deprecating style landed him on pro-comedy bills after just one year on the circuit and he was recently hand-picked by Fred Armisen to be his opener. In addition to his live comedy work, Josh has developed a loyal fanbase for his viral videos and online content, with views in the millions which includes mockumentaries, sketches, professional trolling, animated stand-up comedy shorts, character work and more. His 2020 mockumentary ‘The U2 Taken Paradox’ has had over three million views and angered legions of loyal U2 fans the world over!

His musical parody videos also have views in the millions on TikTok and Instagram.

He has written for Spitting Image and Alex Edelman’s BBC Radio 4 show Peer Group. He also wrote the jokes on McFly’s guitar plectrums on their 2022 arena tour.

His dark comedy graphic novel Die Already was published by CollegeHumor in 2019. In 2020, he was included in Twitter’s Valentine’s and Valentine’s Campaign, featured globally on billboards.

Josh is also a successful broadcaster and presenter with his Formula 1 podcast Dirty Air.

He is also due to appear on the new series of The Stand-Up Sketch Show after a stellar performance last series and can also soon be seen on forthcoming show The Witcher.

His acting career goes from strength to strength!


🌟 REVIEW - Josh Weller: Age Against The Machine (Comedy, stand-up, Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2023)🌟

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