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Is Glasgow Pavilion Theatre Haunted?

Ghost stories have been shared by a number of staff at the Glasgow Pavilion Theatre ahead of new ghost story play Murder in the Dark arriving 26 - 30th March.

Renfield Street Glasgow with Glasgow Pavilion Theatre on the right. Photo credit: Graeme Smith
Renfield Street Glasgow with Glasgow Pavilion Theatre on the right. Photo credit: Graeme Smith

The Pavilion is one of Glasgow’s oldest theatres, having opened in 1904 as a music hall. It offered the very best in comedy, music and variety performance, and saw such icons as Marie Lloyd, Little Tich, Harry Lauder, Sarah Bernhardt and even an unknown Charlie Chaplin grace its stage. The theatre itself was designed by Bertie Crewe in the rococo style, and it’s capacity of 1449 is made up of 677 stalls, 341 circle, 413 balcony and 18 box seats.

Indeed, it is in these box seats in particular that audience and staff members have reported ghostly activity. From the tinkling of a piano to an eerie atmosphere, Box B in particular has gained a reputation in the theatre for being a hotspot for ghosts and the supernatural.

“I've worked at the Pavilion for nearly 10 years now, so I have a couple of spooky stories,” one contributor says, “There was a time when my mum was performing on the stage in panto, she waved up to the person sitting alone in Box B, she thought it was a bit weird as the person didn't react and they were sitting by themselves, later on, she found out the box hadn't been sold that night. I've also had a few customers come to me telling me they feel eerie in Box B!”

They continue: “The most recent scary encounter I've had was up in the balcony when everyone had left and I had to chain the lane door, I heard footsteps following me (thought it was techie Bob scaring me!) and then felt a hand on my shoulder!”

Another staff member adds: “I don’t believe in Ghosts, but we did have a photographer in from one of the local papers… trying to take a photo of someone in Box B and they couldn’t; it was just a blurred image. “I think he eventually took the photo in Box A, but he was sure there was something spooky going on.”

Another reports a tragic story that has been passed down through decades: “Not a ghost story, but still spooky - back in the early 1900's the lady whose dress caught fire from the candles lining the stage and ran up to her dressing room and burned. (You may have to fact-check me on that one!!)”

Others have also reported hearing strange noises in the theatre - including music. “Not long after Jimmy Logan died, I was opening up as normal and when I was going up the stairs to my office I heard a piano playing, but we didn’t have a piano…” says a worker, “Victoria’s had a Piano Bar, so I just assumed it was coming from there, but there wasn’t a working piano in there either.”

Would you sit in Box B for Murder in the Dark? Are you a believer or a skeptic? And are you brave enough to uncover the truth?


About Murder in the Dark

Murder in the Dark (UK Tour)

Original Theatre, Trafalgar Theatre Productions and JAS Theatricals will present Torben Betts new thriller Murder in the Dark, directed by Philip Franks, at the Pavilion Theatre on the 26th-30th March.

Joining Tom Chambers as Danny will be Susie Blake as Mrs Bateman, Rebecca Charles as Rebecca, Jonny Green as Jake, Owen Oakeshott as William and Laura White as Sarah.

New Year’s Eve. A car crash on a lonely road brings famous but troubled singer Danny Sierra and his extended family to an isolated holiday cottage in rural England. From the moment they arrive, a sequence of inexplicable events begins to occur… and then the lights go out. This thrilling new ghost story by acclaimed writer Torben Betts will thrust you into darkness and have you on the edge of your seats until the final chilling twist. The UK & Ireland Tour will be produced by Alastair Whatley and Tom Hackney for Original Theatre with Trafalgar Theatre Productions and JAS Theatricals.

Murder in the Dark plays Glasgow Pavilion Theatre from Tuesday 26th to Saturday 30th March.

Age Guidance 14+


Is Glasgow Pavilion Theatre Haunted? Ghost stories shared by staff.

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