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Free Musical Theatre concert: Joseph and the Amazing All Star Concert

Updated: Jan 28

Joseph and the Amazing All Star concert is free to watch on YouTube

How incredible is this!? During Covid lockdown in the UK, when all the theatres were closed and actors, creatives and fans like me were wondering if we'd ever set foot in a theatre again, a group of theatre professionals put together an online Joseph All Star Concert in aid of Acting for Others.

I don't know how I missed it at the time. But I've watched it a few times recently - Joseph and the Amazing All Star concert is free to watch on YouTube - and it is 27 minutes of pure musical theatre joy!

All of your favourite Joseph songs are here, the video editing and production values are glorious; and I bet you know and love a lot of the happy, smiling, singing faces in the cast.

I was enjoying it, and then... - I can't tell you the excitement I felt at hearing the first few bars of the Joseph mega-mix kick in!! Wow that takes me back! Flashbacks to choreographing dances in my kitchen for most of my teenage years.

Another lovely touch is when the screen frame changes colour to match all the colours of Joseph's coat in time with the lyrics being sung. Yes please and thank you. "It was red, yellow, green, brown, scarlet, black, ochre, peach...."

This is not an Ad. I'm not being paid to say any of this, but I genuinely think this is something unique and special.

Here we have 33 musical theatre professionals, (most of them Joseph royalty!) performing from their living rooms and bedrooms, not to a live audience, but to a camera during the first pandemic lockdown we have ever had in the UK. Not only are they inviting us into their private space, they gave their time and talents for free, and they performed their socks off.

It took months of hard work to pull this together and I think all the cast and creatives involved should be applauded. What a lovely selfless thing to do.

The concert raised almost £2000 for the wonderful charity Acting for Others and you can still donate here

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🌈 Joseph and the Amazing All Star concert is free to watch on YouTube 🌈


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