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REVIEW: Flatmates by Ingram Noble (Glasgow 2024)

Updated: Feb 4

2 February 2024

Glasgow Acting Academy


Flatmates by Ingram Noble, cast

Flatmates is the latest original work from Actor / Writer / Director Ingram Noble, following closely on the heels of acclaimed play 'This is Where We Get Off'.


It's a typical night in the flat for five roommates as they drink wine, play monopoly and watch one of their own iron clothes online for extra for money. When one of the group finds an invitation to the King's Coronation in London, tensions rise as the household bicker over who will attend the prestigious event. The evening descends into chaos and laughter, but will their friendship survive the secrets that are revealed?

On learning that this new play was about 'five flatmates' my mind immediately went to classic sitcom Friends. I will be honest, I was worried that this would be a poor parody. However these 'friends' are foulmouthed, sexually free, Scottish students living in the time of OnlyFans and King Charles - they're about as far from the 90's New York gang as you can get. The comparison is of course unavoidable, but thankfully Noble's 'Flatmates' has its own unique identity and it's own cast of charismatic characters.

Flatmates is full of Noble's trademark wit and sharp writing, and the young cast do an excellent job with the intelligent and pacy script. The characters feel real and relatable in their hands; I was impressed by every one of the actors.

The story is fun and captivating: there are some genuine laugh-out-loud moments and a number of current, thought-provoking themes. At just 40 minutes long, the play is tightly edited and well directed, but it feels like part one of a bigger adventure yet to come.

This new work is at the early stage of it's development with this being the first live performance. But it's easy to see the potential here.


📸 Production photos: Scott Spiden


Flatmates plays at Glasgow Acting Academy Friday 2nd - Sunday 4th February 2024.

Glasgow Acting Academy, 63 Bath Street, Glasgow G2 2SZ


Catch This is Where We Get Off by Ingram Noble and Heather Spiden this April and May:

Websters Theatre, Glasgow 23rd & 24th April

East Kilbride Arts Centre 26th April

Harbour Arts Centre, Irvine 27th April

Reconnect Regal, Bathgate 11th May

Beacon Arts Centre, Greenock 24th May

Flatmates by Ingram Noble, Glasgow Acting Academy 2024

Flatmates by Ingram Noble cast

Niamh Currie Debbie

Lewis Gillon Mitch

Christopher Nicol Tom

Ingram Noble Brad

Hannah Mary Taylor Sheridan


Ingram Noble Writer / Director

Stage Manager Angela Gascoine

Technician Euan Brown


🎟️ Disclosure: I was invited to review this show and received a complimentary ticket in exchange. Whether I am invited or not has absolutely no impact on my reviews or star ratings.

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REVIEW: Flatmates by Ingram Noble (Glasgow 2024)

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