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REVIEW - Chriskirkpatrickmas: A Boy Band Christmas Musical (Theatre, Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2023)

Updated: Aug 9, 2023


Chriskirkpatrickmas, A Boy Band Christmas Musical, Theatre, Comedy, Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2023.

I may be in a minority here, but I didn't know who Chris Kirkpatrick was before seeing this show. To be honest, I didn't even know that he was a real person. When I read the title of this new musical I thought that the writer had made up a funny word. 'Chriskirkpatrickmas' - lol.

The sole reason I booked this show was down to the highly intriguing subtitle: 'A boyband Christmas musical'. A what?

A boyband. Christmas. Musical.

Ok... sold!!

If like me, you are unfamiliar with the founding member of NSYNC, Chris Kirkpatrick, then you needn't worry; all is explained during the show. And ironically, that is kind of the point... It's Justin Timberlake who everyone knows from NSYNC; it was Justin who was groomed for solo stardom. What happened to the rest of them? And would they change things if they could?

Chriskirkpatrickmas, A Boy Band Christmas Musical, Theatre, Comedy, Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2023. Photo credit: Matt Kamimura

"It’s Christmas Eve 2009, seven years into the world-famous boy band’s indefinite hiatus, and NSYNC’s Chris Kirkpatrick has until midnight to make a wish that could change his life forever. A Christmas Carol meets It’s A Wonderful Life meets NSYNC in this laugh-out-loud original musical."

This new musical won't just appeal to fans of NSYNC, but to anyone who has ever been a fan of a boy band group. It's a parody, yes, but it's also a loving tribute to every 'boy band' there has ever been. There are so many recognisable elements: The catchy tunes, the synchronised dance moves, the dodgy outfits and questionable haircuts!

The show features 12 original songs and I am not exaggerating when I say every single one of them was awesome. My personal favourite was "This is a boy band song"; the choreography on that number had me beaming from ear to ear! But really, the whole show is a joy.

The production values are excellent: The sound and the lighting; all impeccable. The cast are equally as magnificent; all gifted actors, with superb voices and very well rehearsed. I was astonished by the quality. It's one of the most polished productions I've ever seen at Edinburgh Fringe.

With a cast of characters you may just find familiar, a tight book, a sensational soundtrack, and more than a few laugh-out loud moments, Chriskirkpatrickmas is pure festive fun and escapism for any time of the year.

Bye Bye Bye a ticket.




Ages 12+, contains some strong language

When and Where?

Performance Dates: Wednesday 2nd – Monday 28th August 2023 (not 9th, 16th, 23rd), 15:10

Running Time: 1 hour

Location: Pleasance Courtyard (Pleasance Two), 60 Pleasance, Edinburgh, EH8 9TJ

Tickets are available from

Weekday: £13.50 (£12) Weekend: £15 (£13.50)


Created by Valen Shore, a songwriter/artist whose work has been featured on Riverdale, Lucifer, and Pretty Little Liars, and award-winning writer, actor and filmmaker Alison Zatta, this punchy piece includes music direction by Taylor J Williams (Hamilton; Moulin Rouge!) and sound design by Josh Millican (SIX The Musical; The Band’s Visit).

Valen Shore and Alison Zatta comment: "We both grew up during the boy band era and for over a decade have been working in the entertainment industry, with all the ups and downs that entails. Chriskirkpatrickmas isn’t just a story about *NSYNC, it’s also a story about identity and what might happen on the other side of a dream come true.


Valen Shore Music / Lyrics / Book / Director / Producer / Performer

Alison Zatta Lyrics / Book / Director / Producer / Performer

Taylor J Williams Music Director / Arrangements

Josh Millican Sound Designer

Lili Fuller Choreographer

Riley Rose Critchlow Assistant Director / Performer

Hannah Cairo Stage Manager


Riley Rose Critchlow Lance / Brody / Others

Elizabeth Ho Joey / Joseph / Others

Emily Lambert Lou / God / Others

Mia-Carina Mollicone J.C. / Barista Mary / Others

Valen Shore Chris

Nicole Wyland Justin / Others

Alison Zatta Marky Mark


🌟 REVIEW - Chriskirkpatrickmas: A Boy Band Christmas Musical (Theatre, Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2023) 🌟

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