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REVIEW: An Edinburgh Christmas Carol, Royal Lyceum Theatre, Edinburgh

Updated: May 30

Royal Lyceum Theatre, Edinburgh

4 December 2022


An Edinburgh Christmas Carol, Royal Lyceum Theatre, Edinburgh 2022

This is a gorgeous production of A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens. Relocated to the streets of Edinburgh's Old Town, and with the added sub-plot of our beloved Greyfriars Bobby trying to escape the dog catcher, this adaptation by Tony Cownie is a Scottish festive delight.

Even the ghosts have had a Scottish makeover. Here we have the ghosts of Lang Syne (past) and Noudays (present) for example. And it all works a treat!

Right from the start the set is beautiful, it's snowing and there are carol singers - and in the absolutely stunning auditorium of the Royal Lyceum theatre, the impact is instantly magically.

There is humour peppered throughout the play and enough sparkle and fun to keep even the youngest of theatre-goers entertained. The ghost of Jacob Marley may be a wee bit frightening for youngsters, although the other ghosts are more fun and bright.

Joanne McGuiness in An Edinburgh Christmas Carol, Royal Lyceum Theatre, Edinburgh 2022

Joanne McGuinness's ghost of Lang Syne is full-on Absinthe green fairy and I love that the producers managed to squeeze sequins into a Victorian setting!

It was a surprise and a delight to see Joanne and Richard Conlon on stage here. I didn't pay attention to the casting before booking and both Richard and Joanne (along with Ewan Somers) were in one of the best things I've seen all year 'Spuds' by Sleeping Warrior Theatre. Brilliant to see them both knock it out the park again here.

Ebenezer Scrooge is perfectly portrayed by Crawford Logan. He has the right balance of miserly Bah Humbug but always with a wee twinkle in his eye.

An Edinburgh Christmas Carol, Royal Lyceum Theatre, Edinburgh 2022

Another point that works really well in this show is having Tiny Tim and Bobby the dog played by puppets. The puppets are marvellously managed by Stacey Mitchell and it adds another element of delight for young, and not so young audience members alike. By the end of the show I fully believed both characters were real, and this is down to the stunning design of the puppets and the acting talent of Stacey. Not to mention all her believable barking!

The show ends with Auld Lang Syne and a dusting of snow, and you can't help but leave feeling festive.

A truly lovely Christmas show. Congratulations to all involved.


[Review first posted on Instagram 11 December 2022]

An Edinburgh Christmas Carol, Royal Lyceum Theatre, Edinburgh 2022

🎄 REVIEW: An Edinburgh Christmas Carol (Royal Lyceum Theatre, Edinburgh) 🎄

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