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REVIEW: Carrie Hope Fletcher: An Open Book, UK Tour 2023, Glasgow

Updated: May 7

Theatre Royal, Glasgow

11 June 2023

Carrie Hope Fletcher An Open Book Concert Tour 2023

I am not reviewing Carrie Hope Fletcher's new solo show 'An Open Book' - I was there to relax and enjoy myself. That's why there isn't a star rating on this post.

But I wanted to share a couple of thoughts and pictures.

You will find more pictures and videos from the evening on my Instagram if you want to!


For her first solo concert tour 'An Open Book' Carrie Hope Fletcher played 18 dates across the UK in May and June this year. Closing the tour in Glasgow was a good choice! The audience were keen to show just how much she is appreciated and adored; I don't blame her for being a tad overwhelmed by the reaction.

The premise for the show is original and clever:

Carrie is not on stage in front of thousands of people. No, she's in a comfortable space, surrounded by books, each of which contains a personal anecdote.

Before the show the audience are asked to choose from a list of stories; and every story comes with a song that will only be revealed during the show. So in theory, each of the 18 venues could have a different set list.

I loved this element of interactivity.

Supported on stage by a wonderful MD and live band, it was obvious to see the warmth and affection between Carrie and her team.

The music was more varied than I expected - and I'm delighted by that! As well as showtunes from Heathers, The Addams Family and Les Mis, we had My Chemical Romance and a brilliant McFly song I'd never heard before called 'Bubble Wrap.'

Carrie also introduced us to a song from Treason (I'm booked to see that later this year!) and many other songs that were personal or meaningful to her.

Each song was performed beautifully. Carrie's voice is immaculate and I love that she has this edgy, emo side to her. It's such a breath of fresh air.

The stories Carrie told were all fascinating. I could've listened to her tell tales from her younger years and from her stagey and life experiences for hours.

Carrie comes across as a genuine, gentle soul with a heart of gold; someone who's worked very hard for success and who has overcome a number of obstacles to achieve what she has. It's impossible not to admire her. She has an incredible voice yes, but she is also a brilliant role model for the hundreds of thousands of YouTube (and other) young fans who follow her online.

With 'An Open Book' Carrie has written and performed a unique, stagey, bookish, emo, personal safe space of a show that's the perfect format for future tours. Fingers crossed!

Carrie Hope Fletcher An Open Book Concert Tour 2023 poster at Glasgow Theatre Royal. Photo: Lisa in the theatre

Carrie Hope Fletcher: An Open Book - review. UK Concert Tour 2023, Glasgow Theatre Royal, Lambert Jackson Productions.

🎟️ Carrie's last date was in Glasgow, there are no more dates on sale currently.

📸 All photos by Lisa in the theatre


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