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REVIEW: A Comedy of Operas - Yllana, Opera Locos, Edinburgh Fringe 2023

Updated: May 31

A Comedy of Operas, Yllana, Opera Locos. Photo credit: Lighuen Desanto

A Comedy of Opera (Opera Locos)

By Yllana

Pleasance @ The EICC – Pentland Theatre

August 2023


‘A Comedy Of Operas’ is a unique show that combines physical comedy with opera’s greatest hits. Performed by five outstanding cast members from Spain, the music and song is complemented by stunning costumes and tells a beautiful love story.

Known as 'Opera Locos' in Spain and France, 'A Comedy of Operas' has already won the Max Award for Best Musical Show in Spain, the equivalent of a Tony Award.

'A Comedy of Operas' will no doubt appeal to classical Opera fans, but there are many contemporary pop and rock tunes included too. From Whitney Houston and even Mika, the upbeat soundtrack had the audience clapping and singing along. When asked to! There were a few moments throughout the performance when the audience were invited to join in. There was even a fun 'Opera masterclass' to improve our skills! But at all other times the performers stunning voices were quite rightly the stars of the show.

A Comedy of Operas, Opera Locos CAST. Photo credit: Lighuen Desanto

The talent of every performer on stage is remarkable. When singing operatic Operatic classics from Figaro or Carmen, their voices shone. These are highly-skilled, world-class Opera singers. But it was when they turned their talents to the well known pop-hits that I realised just how well these numbers could actually be done. The biggest hit of the night was undoubtedly Puccini's Nessun Dorma. It was teased a few times throughout the show, but when finally performed, it brought the house down.

The comedy between the songs didn't always land with the audience on the night I was in, and I didn't entirely follow the storyline... Although the climax was perfectly clear and beautifully effective. Their attempt at humour and adding theatrical interest is welcome, but it's the singing that's the main draw here.

Overall this show feels more opulent and expensive than many others at the Fringe. The performers talent, make-up and costumes are truly beautiful. This is a show for everybody, and with no spoken word, it's a great addition to an international festival.


When and Where?

Venue: Pleasance @ The EICC – Pentland

Time: 17:30 / 18:00 - varies!

Dates: 2nd – 27th August plus 12th @ 2.30pm (not 9, 16, 21, 24)

A Comedy of Operas, Yllana, Opera Locos CAST. Photo credit: Lighuen Desanto

About Yllana

Yllana is creativity. Born in 1991 as a comedy and physical theatre company, mainly dedicated to the creation, production and distribution of theatrical shows, its expertise now covers many different services in the world of the performing arts.

Over the last 32 years, Yllana has produced 38 theatrical shows including Pagagnini, The Gag Fathers, 666, ¡Splash!, The Primitals, Zoo, Gag Movie, Brokers and Trash!. These productions have been staged in almost 50 countries about 16,000 times in front of 6 million people.

A Comedy of Operas, Opera Locos CAST. Photo credit: Lighuen Desanto

📸 Photo credit: Lighuen Desanto


A Comedy of Operas (Opera Locos) - review, Yllana, Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2023

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