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ABOUT ME: Lisa in the Theatre

Hello I'm Lisa, and I run Lisa In The Theatre. 


I've been in theatres my whole life. I began dancing aged 3, and from then I was frequently on stage in dance shows, concerts, at competitions and in professional productions. I am a qualified dance teacher in a number of disciplines with the BATD (British Association of Teachers of Dancing) and I'm always on the lookout for a pointed toe! 


I fell in love with the arts at a young age and I can frequently be found in my local theatres and comedy clubs in central Scotland, and of course, at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe. I'm very lucky to have the largest arts festival in the world on my doorstep!

Lisa in the theatre Scottish Edinburgh Glasgow blogger

For the past 20 years I've worked in a professional capacity for global financial organisations managing IT projects and programs, hosting online and in-person events, and writing copy and comms for a global audience. I never stopped going to the theatre though and I'm normally at a show at least once per week. I am always being asked 'What's on?' and 'What's good?' So I decided to combine my writing and planning skills with my love of the arts, and 'Lisa in the Theatre' was born in July 2022.

Lisa in the Theatre Scottish blogger

I specialise in reviewing


1) Theatre - including Musical Theatre and Plays

2) Dance

3) Comedy - including stand-up comedy


There is a lot of crossover between these fields and then there's Cabaret, Pantomime and Drag! I love them all and you will find all these arts and more have their own page in the 'Reviews' dropdown menu in my blog.

I am on the press / media list for all of the major theatre groups in Glasgow, Edinburgh and beyond. I hold media accreditation for the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, and I have reviewed for a number of independent local and UK touring theatre productions in Scotland, and in London's West End.


As I launch this new website and blog, I look forward to expanding on that experience and primarily on seeing more shows and meeting more like-minded people. In future, my blog and Instagram will run in tandem.

Putting myself and my opinions out on the internet was initially terrifying, but I can honestly say that the people I've met through this hobby are some of the kindest, funniest, most-knowledgeable people I've ever met, and I'm honoured to now call them my friends.

Lisa in the Theatre

May 2023

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