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REVIEW - Apple of my Eye (Musical Theatre) [Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2023]


Apple of my Eye, Musical Theatre, by Early Morning Productions at Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2023.

'Apple of my eye' is a one-man musical telling the life-story of Apple founder, Steve Jobs.

From his early life and his personal struggles with his own adoption, through to his business start-ups and ultimately global-success with Apple, this musical shines a light on a man deemed a genius by some and hated by others.

Early on we learn that Steve believed 'Simple, with minimal design', to be the height of sophistication. And that is mirrored in the staging of this production. There is no superfluous set or dressing. There are 4 raised iMacs centre stage, and they are all that is needed to deliver an impressive, high-tech display. I honestly don't know how they did it; I can barely get one screen to do what I want! But here the 4 screens act as a calendar, add colour and interest to the songs, play video clips and display photos... All at the right times and in the right sequences. Someone here is a tech wiz!

Fronted by Stephen Smith as Steve Jobs, it's barely plausible that 1 man and 4 computers alone on a stage can be so engaging. But as with their other production, Alan Turing: A Musical Biography, the lighting and the sound are impeccable, and add so much depth and interest to the scene.

Apple of my Eye, Musical Theatre, by Early Morning Productions at Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2023.

Smith is terrific as Steve Jobs. He has his confidence, his coldness, his arrogance down to a tee. I was fascinated to learn more of Jobs' personal story, and incredulous at his achievements and success. As poised a speaker and presenter as he was, would Jobs have been able to deliver a TED-talk on his own life, whilst manipulating 4 computers, and singing at the same time? I doubt it. Stephen Smith is unflappable.

With great songs, a magnificent performance, and genuinely remarkable tech, Apple of my eye showcases the workings of a man in pursuit of perfection. If you are at all interested in the history of the iPhone that you perhaps have in your pocket, then please go along and support this show. They tell feasibly the greatest business start-up story of all time, with fidelity, wit, and in a musical!


When and Where?

Running Time: 50 minutes

Dates: Aug 14-19

Time: 15:35

Venue: Paradise in The Vault

Apple of my Eye, Musical Theatre, by Early Morning Productions at Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2023.

About Early Morning Productions

Joel Goodman - Composer/Producer/Reluctant Understudy

Joel Goodman is delighted to be bringing Apple of My Eye to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. This is his third consecutive year at the festival and his first year presenting two pieces at the same festival. Joel will be making his West End debut in 2024 with his production of Alan Turing - A Musical Biography. Showing at Wonderville in February 2024.


Stephen Smith performing as Steve Jobs

Stephen Smith trained at LIPA and is an actor who has recently specialised in staging solo shows – but this is his first go at a solo musical! His recent one-man show credits are ‘Harry’s Christmas’; ‘Dog/Actor’ and ‘One Man Poe’ and his next new solo show will be staging Michael Morpurgo’s ‘Private Peaceful’ this November at Pump House Theatre, Watford. As an OFFIE-winning theatre producer, his company Threedumb Theatre are staging ‘Paved with Gold and Ashes’ at this year’s Fringe, and he is grateful to be up in Edinburgh for the whole month with two separate shows.


🌟REVIEW - Apple of my Eye (Musical Theatre) by Early Morning Productions [Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2023]🌟

🎟️ Disclosure: I am an Edinburgh Festival Fringe accredited media reviewer and as such I receive complimentary press tickets in exchange for my honest reviews. I was invited to review this show by Producer Joel Goodman. Thank you Joel. My reviews and star ratings are always my honest opinions.

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